Monday, September 28, 2009

Welcome to our chaos!

       I, Becca Skinner,  am inviting you to join a conversation  about the shared spaces in various stages of  development, transition and construction in this community  known as Railroad Square, Tallahassee's Art Park.
     Head south between the edge of FSU campus (on your right) and  the Tallahassee Civic Center (on the left), to Gaines Street. You are on Railroad Avenue. This street runs up the hill that is home to  FAMU. Railroad Square is the first right from Gaines, just past All Saints (24hour) coffee house and over the railroad tracks.1027 Commercial Drive, Tallahassee, Florida, 32310, is our own studio/gallery's  address. That designates one door in series  which share a common roof. Our building is on the last row, furthest back from the park's entrance. We are situated directly across the street from Pelican Woodworks.
       The park buildings are mostly sheet metal structures that have been divided into sections. Florida Sate University's BFA Warehouse is our backdoor neighbor.
       This studio/gallery is not  by any means just my project. This particular spot (as yet unamed) is a collaboration between me and Tom Skinner and Barry Sager, mainly-- with input of course from many  friends --- and it will take shape, developing its own persona, which still remains to be seen. The first photos I am posting are some views of it now(ish), but almost daily changes happen as various ones of us stop by to add a swipe of paint, tack up a trim board, or plant a chrysanthemum in the brick planter out front.

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