Monday, October 19, 2009

Garden-bed sculpures coming!

This was an eighties-style straw covered etagere (World Bazaar kind of thing). Was trash, and thrown in a bonfire while we were cleaning up yard debris so the old funky grasswork could burn off--- and it did indeed--- worked a treat, and the process revealed this cool archy frame thing(left)--- like a wedding photo-op trellis you could rent somewhere, only not all sooty of course--- White.

It has been waiting quite some time for the purpose I knew it had. I stuck it in the flower bed here at Railroad a couple of weeks ago and weighted it down with rocks so it wouldn't fall over. Just it, naked.                              
Then, when I was beginning to assemble the big sculptural thing I am currently making for the bed behind this one ( fuzzy river cane is leaning out of it, in the background) I had an extra barrel band and saw it would hang nicely inside the arch. Then I had to get "fish spinners"-- one of my favorite things!  They are called barrel swivels really- but I love 'em. available at WalMart and such-- pretty cheap, a couple of bucks a pack. Lots of sizes, brass or gun-metal usually. they can be tied between any two objects and then the items can freely spin.
Annyhoo-- I used some spinners between old barrel rim and etagere frame, and also between the elements of bright color I hung inside of it with clear stretchy bead (1mm & 1.5mm) string so all can turn with breeze. The colored things I found are from  the new crop of Christmas ornaments at Michael's craft store. (NO- it's not even Halloween yet- but,  I have found the really cool stuff goes fast. I look forward to the Christmas shopping season b/c you can find crazy wacky stuff everywhere! Can use for art! Somehow people become really whimsical and over-the-top colorful at Christmastime and I am ready to pounce. Need any purple velvet thingy-ma-whozits? Better get 'em now, before the penitent season rolls around.)
The dangly things are anodized aluminium molded like starbursts of incredibly saturated lime, turquoise, fuchsia, and orange. I  tied a crystal ball on the bottom of each one too-- the stars conveniently had a top and bottom hole and Michael's had these wonderful faceted beads the size of filberts.
Photo does not quite capture the zesty understated presence. It's not a real flashy sculptural thing but it has a not-too-invasive presence as it stands in its little nature zone bordered by the brick edge. I like it!

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