Monday, October 12, 2009

Flowers among weeds

These photos are two weeks old-- if my blog was a gerbil it would be dead with its feet in थे air because I have not gotten back to it in all this 
time. Writing about creating is very different from the actual doing of it. For one thing it is hot as balls this week,  damp and muggy and its really hard to maintain squirrel-like energy. So I push it and don't care that I am sweaty and have paint all over me. Rather than sitting in a nice cool cafe blithely blogging on I have been in the actual space making room for art.  What I have been doing is painting, and cleaning as I go to manage chaos--- just grabbing on to the next chunk of the whole as I finish each  little piece.
      The gallery space has progressed since these photos were taken. Tom has covered the wall of the loft with some maple paneling saved from another project, adding polish and crisp clean to an area that was raw sheetrock and studs. I am attacking every nook and cranny with the paintbrush and every wide space with a roller. My goal is to cover it all--- somehow. Each time I open a can I consider for a minute  what the previous color  wants. What do colors want? Like in W.J.T. Mitchell's book What Do Pictures Want?  I am trying to get loose from expectaions and see fresh.


  1. Fascinating to watch the creative process unfold. I can feel the energy at work.

  2. I am so excited to see the progress that has been made... I know that the process of creation can be a crazy mess but I have seen you turn trash into treasure again and again... this is going to be an exciting adventure... because once the space is complete the really creativity will be displayed!